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I feel like I just had a 1000-pound backpack taken off me. The clarity, vision, and simplicity that I just got was amazing. I feel so much less overwhelmed. It was amazing.“

Matt Shields, Founder of Estate Ai

Jenn Thompson

CEO of Webspark Media

Maruxa Murphy

CEO of Create Sell Impact

Cameron Herold

Founder of COO Alliance

Nik Robbins

Partner of Big Top Local

"Hey guys!  Just wanted to say that I tremendously appreciate the incredible work you did on this audit. It feels like I did nothing and gained rapid clarity and have no overwhelm about implementation or next steps. There’s so much potential in all of this and I’m grateful for you guys providing a simple and full path for how to tap into that potential.


Ian Dickson, CEO at Ecom Growth

“Thanks to your team we did implement everything you suggested, we basically doubled our revenue and then got bought for over 7 figures.

Davide Duranti, CEO at Launch and Boost

George Liu

Founder of Gym Pillars

Jared Curry

CEO of Estate Ai

Aaron Golub

Founder of Initiate Connections

Joe Johnston

Founder of Initiate Connections

“You are on a different level. Your call today totally changed my business. In the last 2 months I've wasted $50K-$70K. Having the right operator in place is INSANE!.”

Ahmeen Gaddy - Founder of PromoBloom

“You'll come to find out I don't get excited about much... right now, I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve

Patrick Cundiff, Director of Revenue at Loud Rumor

Nick Korom

CEO of Patient Rhino

Kendall Shaw

Co-Founder of Scalebold

Waira Mendoza

Co-Founder of RoofX

Marisa Pfenning

Operations Manager at AutoHub

“Out of many many things I learned in the Ops Academy, your approach to performance management has been the most impactful for me so far!

Rachel Lundeen, Director of Operations at FinElevate (Spyglass Academy Alumni)

“You guys are fucking great! I could see the clarity lock in. Really only this call is worth $3K minimum!”

Jr. Antonio Esposito, COO at LeadFather.io

Everything I’ve learned so far from Ops Academy is absolutely gold!!! You have provided lots of resources and avenue for growing and learning!”

Vicky Ramos, Operations Manager at McMaster Digital

Being in Ops Academy is life-changing! Not only have I gained the tools to become a great integrator, but I’ve also had a change in perspective and mindset that helps me make the right calls. I’ve also met wonderful operators that give the best advice.”

Vins de Jesus, Assistant Director of Operations at Adventure Stay

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Are you a 7-8 figure Startup?

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Are you a 7-8 figure Startup?

Join our exclusive Facebook Group and unlock amazing content!

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