COO Academy

Ops Training for Future Leaders

For CEOs looking to up-level their Operators and Operators looking to become leaders in their company

Program Overview

This 5-month program will walk you through the 3 pillars of world-class Executive Operations:

Productivity & Efficiency:

Drastically boost output across your business.

  • Time Optimization

  • Systems Automation

  • Execution & Team Productivity

  • Collaboration, Effective Information Flow & Leadership Meetings

HR & Team to management:

Lead high-performance remote teams.

  • Team Structure & Org Chart design

  • Team Behavioral Change & Motivation

  • Team Incentives & Compensation

  • High-Performance Management, Culture & Alignment

  • Firing & Off-boarding

Executive Leadership:

Develop key business decision-making skills.

  • Business Finances 101

  • KPIs & Data

  • Strategic Execution & Alignment

  • Leadership Team-Building

  • Compensation & Equity Negotiation

PLUS... Everything in Spyglass Ops Academy

Calling All Operations Nerds

Ready to take your skills to the next level?

Digital entrepreneurs seeking to elevate your operator (and company)

Experienced Operators looking to become executive leaders

Join the #1 Learning Community for Operators Online!

Core Pillars

360-degree Ops Database

Video trainings to master the Spyglass Method + our entire library of tools, templates & resources to apply to any digital business.

Private Community

Get support & insights from a network of fellow elite operators, working on the exact same challenges & questions as you are!

Weekly Live Training

Join Jhana + her team of expert coaches & dedicated student mentors for real-time support & guidance as you master these skills and apply them directly to your business

Weekly Opsercizes

Don't just learn the theory, practice until it becomes habit. Our Opsercizes give you hands-on experience optimizing each critical component of a business

PLUS, an exclusive bonus for our advanced students!

Monthly Visionary-Integrator Leadership Sessions!

Join your CEO on a 90-min call with Jhana every month to transform into an Elite leadership team & nurture the rock-solid foundation of a CEO-Operator power couple!

Who is Jhana Li?

Consider me Operations-obsessed. With proven results scaling digital businesses to 7 & 8 figures.

Now, I train other Operators to do the same.

Over the past 5 years, Jhana has been:

  • COO of two 7-figure startups

  • High-performance leader to multiple remote teams of 20+ employees

  • Ops consultant to over thirty 7- & 8-figure online businesses

  • Ops coach to hundreds of digital startups, their CEO's & their Operators

Praise for Jhana’s Training

Jay Lewis, Spyglass Alumni

For a person this talented and intelligent, Jhana could easily be recommending business tips to Jeff Bezos and the likes, yet instead she's here taking her time to create the next Jeff Bezos and Elon Musks of the operational world and beyond. Which I can only be forever grateful for.

Her character, willingness to see the change in anyone and her straight-forward, cut to the chase attitude is to be greatly admired for the world of business we're in. A level-up in your mentality, confidence, and decision-making skills are almost guaranteed unless you simply just don't do the work.

Jhana is a great person to have in your corner, because I definitely wouldn't want her on the opposing side!

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If you...

  • Want to use your Ops superpower to actualize a meaningful vision

  • Find fulfillment inviting the highest performance from your team

  • Aspire to grow into an executive leadership role

Then this program is for you!

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